More from the USCMDallas

You may or may not remember a blog post here (and if not, why not? Are not all the posts here memorable?) that mentioned a video that Jason made for the United States Conference of Mayors summer meeting in Dallas. Well, here it is: Video by USCM Dallas 2014 ETA: And here’s the long version!

Jason performed in TWO shows this Memorial Day weekend…

One was in a church, Pueblo de Dios in Dallas, on Saturday night; the other was the Rockwell News Memorial Day Concert, Sunday night; and for both, there were Copians in the house–thank you, beckyvee, for bringing back recaps (don’t forget to stop by our forum for those–there are links to Instagrams cliplets) and bootleg!

About the Arms of Hope show

A tweet from Jason: For more info on my full-band show with @armsofhope in San Antonio, TX on 6/7, check out this video!   (And if you didn’t see this yourself, whyever didn’t you? Follow Jason on Twitter at     Thanks for the find, ArtTeacher!