HGTV, here we come!

Okay, I don’t mean that LITERALLY. (Although…hmmmm….) What I do mean is that two weeks ago, Mandy posted this message on Instagram:

Our new house. It’s a fixer upper and my husband is going to do most of the work himself. I can’t wait to see how @jasoncastromusic transforms this house into our home.

And this week, Michael showed some of the deconstruction that precedes construction on his vlog (the relevant–i.e., Jason-related–part starts at 1.14):

Thanks for the find, Jasonized!

Benefit concert for Young Life Capernaum in Dallas, TX

There was a show (Friday night, Apr. 25), and there are goodies….

There’s a clip from Over the Rainbow on Nick Foster’s webstagram (if there’s a way to embed these, I haven’t found it yet).

There are some pix:

Photo © crazydo

Photo © crazydo

And there is recaps in our forum–no, no, go back and click! You want to read them! (You know you do.) (Because I said so, that’s why.) (Really, you do!)

And there is even some bootleg! Here’s That’s What I’m Here For:

Video by Becky Vogt/beckyvee

And some Over the Rainbow:

Video by crazydexterdo

(There may be video from the event organizers. Watch this space, because if it surfaces, here is where it will be!)

Thanks for the recaps and bootleg and photos, beckyvee and crazydo, and for bringing us the goods, ArtTeacher!

Interviews, they are happening

From Jackie Castro’s Instagram:

Jason asked me to come him this weekend to do a sibling interview. Didn’t find out until after the interview that it’s going to air on ABC [F]amily on a show that gets 1 million views. Excuse me what?


From Mandy Castro on Instagram, same date:

This cutie is getting interviewed today

Unfortunately, that is all we have in the way of details. When we know more, we will tell more, so stay tuned!

And here’s another interesting tweet

@FJLibrio Thanks @jasoncastro for shooting a video for @USCMDallas. You were wonderful. And you sang for us!

FYI: USCMDallas is the United States Conference of Mayors summer meeting in Dallas, this June. Will we ever get to see this one? You never know….

Thanks for the finds, ArtTeacher and Jasonized!

Snapshots from Jason’s Romanian Adventure

From Roma Boots’ Facebook page:

We had a great meeting this morning with Leslie Hawke (mother of Ethan Hawke) who is doing a wonderful job educating impoverished children in Romania through OvidiuRo. #romaboots #ovidiuro #givingpovertytheboot — with Jason Castro and Samuel Bistrian in Bucharest, Romania.


From Jason’s Facebook page:

First night in Romania was incredible! Shared a meal with Samuel Bistrian & Brodie Bruner at Caru’ cu Bere. Here is a shot of my 2 desserts. You know me! ha


Roma Boots again:

Just 3 days before we arrived Brasov had snow. Fortunately we only had rain today! More photos to come. #romaboots #givingpovertytheboot #romania #bootdrop

And Jason:

Rainy day in Budila for our first boot drop! Had an amazing time with these precious kids. We visited them at a school that is run by one of Roma Boots partners here, Firm Foundations Romania. We gave boots to 50+ kids attending the school, some of who had walked to school in sandals or bare feet in the rainy/freezing weather. Their Joy was infectious! — with Fernando Jimenez.




And be sure to check out the Roma Boots photo album of the trip for tons of pix of Jason, children, and Romania.

romaboots on instagram:

romaboots Driving through Transylvania, listening to Jason warm up for our concert in Arad tonight. #romaboots #jasoncastro #arad


A horse and buggy drove right through the middle of my concert! ha! First time for everything I guess 🙂

Video by
Roma Boots

And some performance video sans horse:

Video by Firm Foundations Romania

Video ny Sarah Vienna

Thank you, Roma Boots–and not just for the pix ‘n’ vids.

And thanks for the finds, ArtTeacher, beckyvee, and Jasonized!