Interviews, they are happening

From Jackie Castro’s Instagram: Jason asked me to come him this weekend to do a sibling interview. Didn’t find out until after the interview that it’s going to air on ABC [F]amily on a show that gets 1 million views. Excuse me what?   Read more at   From Mandy Castro on Instagram, same

Today is Easter Sunday…

So for all those celebrating, Or, as I said last week, happy seasonal celebration(s) of your choice. Listen, spring is worth multiple celebrations! (Erm. My apologies to those in the southern hemisphere. Happy fall celebration(s) of your choice to you!)

Snapshots from Jason’s Romanian Adventure

From Roma Boots’ Facebook page: We had a great meeting this morning with Leslie Hawke (mother of Ethan Hawke) who is doing a wonderful job educating impoverished children in Romania through OvidiuRo. #romaboots #ovidiuro #givingpovertytheboot — with Jason Castro and Samuel Bistrian in Bucharest, Romania.   From Jason’s Facebook page: First night in Romania was