Winter Blow Out, Saint Johns, FL, Jan. 19

There was a concert, and there was a Q&A, and there were Copians in the audience! So we got photos:

Photo by LC

Photo by LC

Photo by chichi

Photo by chichi

And a video of the Q&A session:


There are LOTS more photos, and also excellent recaps, in our forums…and there is hopefully more video to come, so check back in a few days!

Thanks for all the goodies, LC and chichi!

American Idol Chatroom

Hola amigos. Last season, a chat room was put up at and many of the friends from the four corners of my universe have been posting there about this and that and t’other. I’m going to bring this chat over here so that anyone might want to can join in to chat about American Idol, or any other shows you like to congregate and talk about live. Check the link at the top of the page to get here once this post falls off the front page. (Too lazy to build a page for it.)

You can just join the chat without registering with chatango, but if you want to use the fonts and smilies and such, you need to be logged in. To get started: click on Set Name on the bottom right corner. From here you can either create an account or log in.

The chat room has been moved to here.