Into the Light Tour: Simpsonville, SC

This is not entire show, but it certainly has some big chunks of it, as the video is almost an hour long…but thanks to Jasonized, we have timings on when Jason’s set is, and when he appears in others’ sets:

Video by Matthew Pyfrom

And here are those timings: Jason starts at around :40 with Only a Mountain and Enough; then he comes in with the Sidewalk Prophets at 14:14 and again at 17:31; and he does his garbage-can-lid percussion bit at 36:01.

Thanks for the great find and the timings, Jasonized!

Into the Light Tour: Simpsonville, SC, and Louisville, KY

We have bootleg and recaps from this weekend!

Not sure which city, since they don’t say–Runaway:

VIdeo by Cary Smythe

Only a Mountain:

Video by Cary Smythe

And here’s Jason joining Matthew West on “Waitin’ on a Miracle” in Louisville:

Video by tnoh437

Runaway in Louisville:

Video by tnoh437

And Jason with the Sidewalk Prophets, in two parts:

Video by tnoh437

Video by tnoh437

And there are recaps in our forums, with setlists and all, so check ’em out!

Thanks for the recap and videos, jasonnnfan, and the finds, beckyvee and Jasonized!

New interview on

What does “Stay This Way” offer listeners that is different than what they have heard from your previous singles?

Sonically and emotionally, my first single, “Only A Mountain”, was peppy and uplifting and the second, “Rise To You”, was a bit more contemplative. So now, “Stay This Way” brings something different than the other singles that I have released previously. It is a lot more aggressive and proactive with a lot of heart.

I found in refreshing to see an interview without a single question about the dreads (!), and if you would, too, check it out on their website.

Thanks for the find, ohiocastrofan!