Hey, guys, it’s that time of year again…

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Or are we?


And about that tour kicking off in a couple of days…

From the Carlsbad Current–Argus (emphasis mine):

The concert […] is not just for fans of Christian music according to John Pennell, producer at Total Productions, which will be producing the concert.

“West is a just a great performer and Castro is on fire right now,” said Pennell.

(Or at any time!)

For the full article, click on the clicky right over here.

Some pix ‘n stuff from the Dallas Arboretum

Jason performed there last week, and thanks to Copian crazydo, we have recap

(See our forum for those. No, go. I’ll wait.)

and photo

and even some bootleg from the show finale, with Jason on the bongos:

Video by crazydexterdo

Videos by crazydexterdo

Thanks so much for the recap and photos and vid and all, crazydo!

A currently unattributed video interview

See, it’s on YouTube, I just don’t know if the interviewer is John Quinn (who posted the vids) or not, nor do I know for what media outlet the interview was done, but it was just posted on Saturday, so…here you go!

Videos posted by John Quinn

If I find out more I’ll edit, so anyone reading after will never know that I ever had any gaps in my perfect knowledge.

ETA: So now a front-facing YouTube of the video(s) above has appeared and it seems as though the interview was done for Soliders for Faith:

Video from SoldiersFor Faith

(Okay, I lied about lying about it. Sue me.)

Thanks for the find, Jasonized!

Nice article about the upcoming Into the Light tour

Jason, about the Only a Mountain album:

“It’s been affirming to see how it’s gone across with fans,” Castro said, citing one example of a man who approached him after a concert to say he’d been clean from drugs for seven days and credited Castro’s music for giving him the necessary strength.

“You hear stories like that and you realize there is a bigger purpose,” Castro said.

For the full article, go to TheSpectrum.com

Hanna4Hope Run/Walk

Jason performed yesterday morning (at 8:00 am, yet) before the 1st Annual Hanna4Hope Run/Walk–it’s an organization dedicated to “bringing awareness to teen suicide.” One of our own Copians, beckyvee, was there and brought us recaps and photos (see our forums for those!) and BOOTLEG!:


Video by Becky Vogt

Rise to You:

Video by Becky Vogt


Video by Becky Vogt

There’s also YouTube bootleg–here’s a partial You Are:

Video by Christina Harrison

Also there is a little snip on Instagram

Thanks for all the goodies, beckyvee, and the finds, ArtTeacher and Jasonized!