World Pulse Festival and Indiana State Fair

I put these together because they were both this past weekend, and we have recaps (in our forums, of course, so go look!) and photos from both, and bootleg from neither (so far!). [UPDATE: There is bootleg from both after the jump, because all bootleg is desirable! However, it is all after the jump because the audio…is not the best. Also, no steadicams were used in the shooting of these videos. You Have Been Warned!]

So, from the World Pulse Festival:

Photo by KaylinYon

Photo by hannah16nicole

Photo by PulseFM_Tim, captioned “Very impressed with @jasoncastro at #WPF today. Cool guy. Solid band, too!”

Now from the Indiana State Fair–For starters, a few seconds of Good Love can be seen in this instagram video. You can also see a photo of Jason playing drums for For King and Country over here, also on instagram.

And there’s this video of For King and Country, featuring Jason on the drums:

Video by Jules4Jesus

ETA, 4/9/13–And some more bookleg from the Indiana State Fair:

Good Love:

Video by WilliamNealyMusic

Thanks for the recaps, sierrach and lundymicron, and for the finds, ArtTeacher and Jasonized!
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Hmmm, who’s that singing the National Anthem…

…at the 8/11/13 Colts game?

Video by Andrea Fagan

Also over here, another couple of seconds.

So…the voice is familiar…

Photo by GMGoodpaster, captioned “@jasoncastro singing the National Anthem at the Colts game!”

…the dreads are familiar…


From Jason’s Twitter feed:

I sang the national anthem for the first time today @LucasOilStadium and it was such an amazing experience!Thx @colts

Now, where’s the rest of it???? If you know of a clip, please let me know!
AHA! On the Colts website–go listen!

Thanks for the finds, Jasonized and beckyvee and ArtTeacher!

Covenant Ranch concert

So we have pictures and photos and recaps, oh my!

Photo by crazydo

Photo by crazydo

Only a Mountain:

Video by elgmom

You Are:

Video by elgmom


Video by elgmom


Video by elgmom

For more photos and recaps and stuff and all, be sure to check out our forums, or you’ll be missing out! Also, don’t forget to check back in a few days, there should be more bootleg coming…

Thanks for the recaps, beckyvee and crazydo, and for the photos, crazydo, and thanks for the videos, elgmom, and for bringing them, ArtTeacher!