Jason was in Myrtle Beach this weekend

for the Ground Zero Dragon Boat Festival. He sang:

Photo by GroundZeroMB

Photo by juliafaithwolff

…and he rowed:

Photo by Christiriggs505

Photo by GroundZeroMB

It looks like a most fun day! I’m hoping some bootleg will surface–check back!–but until it does, there are more photos and tweets in our forum.

Thanks as always for the goodies, Jasonized and ArtTeacher!

Free Song!

K-Love radio gives away free songs, and this week they are giving away “Enough,” the lovely song Jason wrote for his daughter.

To get your download, just go to K’Love’s Music Room—Free Song, and click the “Download Free Song” button. You’ll get a code to get the song free from iTunes–it’s fast and easy!

Well, what are you doing, just sitting there? Go get it!

Thanks for the tip, beckyvee!


This is a long, thoughtful interview with CBN.com.

I just remember starting to be moved by music in a way I had never been before, and the way the lyrics and melody all come together to say something. And so, that’s really why I started playing the guitar. I wanted to be able to play these songs, and through that, just fell in love with songs. I wanted to be able to write songs. So, I think at the very heart of what I do, a lot of people with the folky-acoustic thing, a lot of people just call it the singer-songwriter genre. And so, I think that’s at the heart of what I do.

For the rest–and there is a lot of “rest”–check out the full interview at CBN.com’s Between The Liner Notes.

Thanks for the find, Jasonized!

Jason at the Fostering Hope Benefit Concert

We have scads of bootleg! (Thank you, Winnie and Elgmom!)

Good Love:

Video by winnpoober


Video by elgmom

Rise To You:

Video by winnpoober

If It’s Love:

Video by elgmom

Be sure not to miss all the rest of the bootleg behind the jump–there’s lots and they are great! And do NOT forget to check out the Copia forums for recaps and photos and tweets and all.

Thanks to beckyvee, crazydo, and paris for their recaps, to Winnie/winnpoober and elgmaom for their videos, to crazydo for the photos (check the FORUM, people!), and to Jasoninzed and ArtTeacher for finding all the goodies!
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