WinterJam–Cincinnati, Chicago, and St. Louis

We haz the bootlegs:

Only a Mountain (most, no city given):

Video by munchkinland23

Only a Mountain (partial, Chicago):

Video by flybabeekb

Hallelujah (partial, no city given, best listened to instead of watched!):

Video by M Giselle

Hallelujah (Chicago):

Video by Kevin Allen

Hallelujah (St. Louis):

Video by 4jaysmommy

Hallelujah (no city given):

Video by Kewpie83

Also photos:

Photo by AnthemOfLove

Photo by Craigsterr

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ETA: And there is a bunch of nice photos from Stage Right Secrets. Here are a couple:

Catch the rest at their Facebook page.

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New interview in the Chicago Sun-Times

If you still think of Jason Castro as the easygoing folkie from “American Idol,” his new album may surprise you.

For one thing, the dreadlocked singer from the show’s seventh season has picked up an electric guitar. For another, “Only a Mountain” depicts a young man more familiar with life’s struggles than he was three years ago when he released his first album.

Check out the full article at the Chicago Sun-Times website

WinterJam–Augusta, Knoxville, Greensboro, Norfolk

You’ll get ’em when I see ’em!

Only a Mountain (Augusta):

Video by Jesse Chancey

Only a Mountain (Knoxville):

Video by mir0and0a

Hallelujah (partial, Norfolk):

Video by Pauline Austin

And some photos:

Photo by @ShanaNichole12

Photo by ashleyemadison

And here’s one Jason posted on Instagram:

captioned, “Backstage in Greensboro”!

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New interview on Breathecast

From the interview:

Your first album was secular, so why did you decide to start discussing your faith in your music? Were you ever worried that would cut off some of your fan base?

[…][Only a Mountain] isn’t exclusively a Christian album, or a worship album. I did write it in such a way that all of my fans – and all people – would hear it and be inspired and encouraged

For the full interview, check out the Breathecase website!

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Interview with The Virginian-Pilot

Here’s one little excerpt:

People who have seen you perform on “Idol” probably see you as an acoustic musician. How will this performance be different?

I think there’s been an evolution in the sound. Now I’m playing an electric guitar, even though I start out with an acoustic guitar. I think the music is much more diverse with a little bit more rock. The heart of the music is still the same.

For the full interview, click over to HamptomRoads/

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