In Loving Memory

In Loving Memory

29 December, 2012 Posted by: SWL

We lost a beloved and valuable member of our community on Friday. Daydreaminmeme (aka Barbara Bortle) passed away after a long, hard battle with cancer. Meme, as she was known on the forum, was an integral part of Castrocopia from the very beginning. She was enthusiastic, passionate, and fiercely loyal to her “pretend grandson,” Jason Castro. Meme had a hug ready for anyone she met, and a spirited sense of humor. She was well into her 60s, but had the energy of a woman half her age. She was truly an inspiration.

Some of us had the good luck to have met her in person, but many did not. Despite that, she left an impression on all of us. From her famous “countdown” posters leading up to Jason concerts, to the way she peppered her writing with Louisiana flavor (“dawlin'” was a favorite of hers), she spread her joy throughout the Castrocopia forum, and even beyond to the fandom of Chris Daughtry and Casey James. She will be sorely missed by a great many people.

Soon after she was initially diagnosed with breast cancer, a forum thread was started for Meme to document her journey. Meme’s thread has turned into a sort of virtual memorial wall, where people have come to share their memories of her. [Please feel free to come and post your thoughts as well.] In reading over what everyone has written so far, several words keep being repeated: sweet, enthusiastic, spunky, funny and inspirational, all of which suit her to a T.

For over two years, Meme demonstrated humor, dignity and tremendous strength. She had every right to feel beaten down and sad, but using the New Orleans-style resilience that helped her come back from losing everything in Hurricane Katrina, Meme faced this illness head-on. Her repeated war cry was “You can’t kill bad grass!” Unfortunately, as forum member Cinnamazon pointed out, it turns out that Meme was not bad grass after all.

In true Meme style, she requested that there be no funeral or memorial. I have to think, though, that her N’awlins heart wouldn’t have minded something like this:

Goodbye, Meme. We will forever hold you in our hearts, Dawlin’.

[NOTE: Post by SWL]

Numbers/Numbers Time

Getting right down to it…

On the Billboard Christian Songs chart: “Gloria” shot up to #10 for its fifth week on the chart, while “Only a Mountain” stayed in the top 25 for its nineteenth week on the chart.

As for the Mediabase charts, America’s Music Charts has “Gloria” at #10 (up from #13 last week), while “Only a Mountain” stays in the top 50 at #41; All Access‘s 7-day rolling chart shows “Gloria” holding at #10, with “Only a Mountain” at #43.

We should look to see these trajectories reverse if not next week (because of year-end retrospectives and other New Year’s special programs) then the week after. It will be something to watch, for sure!

Who’d like a little more Christmas?

Jason and Michael sang at the Lake Pointe Church’s Christmas Eve Candlelight service this year. You can watch, listen to, or purchase the full service at the Lake Pointe Chuch’s website, or watch a large-size video at their Vimeo account–the song starts at about 20:43 into the service. (Thank you for not only finding this but pinpointing it, Musiclova!)

Alternately, you can watch the song here:

Video kindly clipped and posted by memillieisme

Happy Boxing Day!*

*Look it up, it’s British.

A nice little holiday gift for Jason…

…or from him, depending on how you look at it! Either way, MJ’s Big Blog reports that Jason’s “Gloria” has jumped to #9 on the CAC charts (and “Only a Mountain” is still charting at #40).

If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, you still have time before Christmas to get it on iTunes–there’s also a nice big clicky link in the sidebar over on the right. And to hold you over while it’s downloading, here’s Jason singing “Gloria” at Lufkin, at the Toys for Tots event there earlier this month (see Dec. 8, below):

Video by Becky Vogt

Thanks for finding the news, jblue!

Have plans for January 16?

Well, cancel them immediately, and instead get tickets for this special event: Jason is hosting “An Evening with Jason Castro Benefitting MusiCares’ Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund” at the Rockwood Music Hall that night!

At 7:00 pm, Jason will perform a 45-minute set with songs from his upcoming album, which will have been released the day before (Jan. 15); at 8:00, he’ll join those there to watch the premiere of the new season of American Idol. BE THERE!

For more info, check out this article. For tickets, hurry over to and snag some–it’s a small hall with very limited seating, so don’t delay!