Bootleg from Mannheim, PA (10/21)!

Thanks for posting these, cookie44jcm!

If It’s Love:

Video by cookie44jcm

I Believe:

Video by cookie44jcm

Hallelujah–Jason Castro, For King and County, and Dara Maclean:

Video by cookie44jcm

And a little mishap with a cymbal that Jason did NOT drop…plus drumming!:

Video by cookie44jcm

And more after the jump, don’t miss ’em!


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And here’s that promised “more” from the Proof of Your Love tour

Thanks for the great videos, cookie44!

Only a Mountain (Watsontown, 10/20):

Video by cookie44jcm

I Believe (Watsontown, 10/20):

Video by cookie44jcm

You Are (Watsontown, 10/20):

Video by cookie44jcm

…and more after the jump, do not miss them! Also, don’t miss the recaps, stories, and pix in our forum.

ETA: And there are a whole bunch of great photos from ArtTeach in our forum! Don’t miss ’em!


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The Proof of Your Love tour continues!

This past weekend a bunch of Copians attended, so we’ve got bootleg and are expecting more, yay!

If It’s Love (Oct. 20):

Video by nancyellen1956/realmccoy

Stay This Way (Oct. 20):

Video by nancyellen1956/realmccoy

Good Love (Oct. 20):

Video by nancyellen1956/realmccoy

As I said, Copians were well represented at the weekend shows, so there are plenty of recaps and photos in our forum…and more to come, so keep checking back!

Thanks for the videos, realmccoy! And for the recaps and photos, realmccoy, Jasonized, ohiocastrofan, and marleys mom…and I’m pre-thanking cookie44, who has a bunch of bootleg coming up!

And still more Proof of Your Love tour stuff…

…more videos from Rocklin, CA (Oct. 16).

Only a Mountain (most):

Video by jaez1426

Good Love:

Video by jaez1426


Video by jademoua

More after the jump!

And don’t forget to check out the 2012 Proof of Your Love Tour thread inside our forum for photos, tweets, recaps, and all things interesting!


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Yep! More from the Proof of Your Love tour

Here are a few videos from Oct. 16 (Rocklin, California)…Yay! Bootleg! (Thanks, rosequeen!)

If It’s Love:

Video by rosequeen49


Video by rosequeen49

And this nice photo study in blue from Twitter:

@lilredheadangel: Last night. #theproofofyourlovetour @daramaclean @4kingandcountry @jasoncastro

Thanks for the finds, Jasonized and ArtTeacher!

Who says there’s nothing to watch on TV?

Did you see this tweet from Jason?

(And if not, whyever not? Follow Jason on Twitter at @jasoncastro!)

Never heard of “The Changers”? Got you covered. Check out the article about the show on There’s even a nice story about how Jason got involved with the show:

A little serendipity occurs when series principals recognize Christian recording artist Jason Castro in their hotel lobby and ask him about singing for the wedding – that very afternoon! Thus Castro joins the list of those helping make Jessica’s wedding dream come true. His music is featured in this pilot episode as well.

There’s also a piece about the show on GMC’s website…and here’s a little preview:

Video by gmctvnetwork

(Did you see Jason? Did you? He’s in there!)

So settle ’round the set–or set your recorder (of whatever ilk)–because don’t want to miss tonight’s episode!