Proof of Your Love Tour things ‘n’ stuff!

Well, we have some bootleg–

“Only A Mountain” from Fort Wayne, IN, Sept. 28, 2012:

Video by djrenzz

Video bymurph2oo7

And we have photos, including this from Overland Park, KS:

Photo by Sherry Johnson (There’s a bunch, so be sure to check them out!)

And do NOT forget to check out our Proof of Your Love Tour thread in our forum for more pictures and some great recaps and tweets!


Thanks for finding lots of twitter stuff for us, ArtTeacher, and for finding the videos (and tweets and twitpics!) for us, Jasonized–and thanks for the great recaps and pictures, carmen, mothermayi, abrazo, sierrach, and sherryj58!

Here’s a special blog post…

No, I don’t mean MY blog post! It’s a very nice behind-the-scenes peek at a rehearsal session for Jason’s recent Dallas show, from a photographer who captured it:

The cool thing for me was not only getting to see these guys in person and meet them, but to see how they worked together to put a arrange an piece for their fans. They wanted to make sure that it was perfect and completely unexpected.

And here’s a sample photo from the shoot:

Photo © Evan Chavez Photography

To read the whole thing–and see more wonderful photos of the rehearsal by Evan Chavez Photography–click here.

From Thursday night at the Roxy

More things and stuff!

We have a big load of photos, from Kenny Mitchell (a photographer) on Facebook:

Photo © Kenny Mitchell Photography

Photo © Kenny Mitchell Photography

The originals are big and beautiful, so be sure to check ’em out!

And we have at least some bootleg to start–


Video by rosequeen49 (Thanks, RQ!)

Here’s hoping some more surfaces–if it does, I will post, so check back later. Also, check out our forum for recaps and more pix.

ETA: More pictures!

An album of photos by RoseQueen and by Michael Nistler.:

Be sure to click through here and here–since there are lots more!

Thanks for the recap and pix, Violet, and thanks to ArtTeacher and cookie44 for finding the goodies for us!

What have we got from last night’s show at Grand Canyon U?

Welllll…we have pictures!

Check out those two great snaps and 28 more like them at Sjaaheim Justin‘s Facebook page.

And we have a review of the show on GCUToday, which begins:

“I’m into Jason Castro.”

That line, guys, could get you places with women on the GCU campus, many of whom were observed in full swoon Wednesday night during Castro’s hour-plus set of lightweight Christian pop songs at the new Thunderground venue.

You definitely want to check out the rest of it!

And! We have a little bootleg–

Day Dream/Hallelujah:

Video by Bripowerful

(Do not complain about the angle, I’m sure it’s a good stretch for your neck.)

Thanks for finding the photos, ArtTeacher, and the review and video, Jasonized!