Bootleg ‘n’ stuff from Wylie

This past Saturday, jason performed at a benefit in Wylie, TX, and there are photos and bootleg and recaps and like that!

There is a whole mass of photos for sale over on the WylieNews website, (But you can look at them online for free!)

And there is bootleg from several sources, and there are lots of songs from Jason’s upcoming album!

Over the Rainbow/I Believe:

Video by winnpoober


Video by elgmom

Starting Line:

Video by winnpoober

Stay This Way:

Video by winnpoober

Only a Mountain:

Video by winnpoober

Good Love:

Video by winnpoober

Same Kind of Broken:

Video by elgmom

If It’s Love:

Video by winnpoober

And Hallelujah:

Video by WylieNews

There are a few duplicates after the jump, so don’t forget to go there, too. And there are recaps and stuffs on our forum, definitely don’t miss those!

Many thanks to winnpoober/Winnie and elgmom/Lisa for the awesome videos, to sixtimemom and beckyvee for their great recaps, and to ArtTeacher and Jasonized for finding the videos!


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Aha! Who do I see there?

Michael and Jackie Castro put out a video of their cover of Owl City and Carly Rae Jepson’s “Good Time”…and there’s an uncredited third Castro to be seen throughout the video:

(Not to mention a couple of cameos by other members of the family!)

And there’s a link to a free download of the cover in the YouTube notes.

Happy Friday!

Story Time!

Yay! Jason is giving us a seven-part “making of” video series about his upcoming album, Only a Mountain…and here’s Part One!:

If you haven’t picked up your copy of the single “Only a Mountain” yet (really, what are you waiting for?), you can get it on iTunes. And don’t forget to check out his website,–it’s been redesigned and revamped, and well worth a look!

In other news, if you’re looking to gift someone with some music, or need to fill out your own Jason Castro music library, his album “Who I Am” is on sale on for $5 this month, so hurry on over!