We haz bootleg!

This past Saturday, Jason performed at the YEC event in Arlington, TX. Thanks to Winnie/winnpoober’s being there, camera in hand, we have music!

Shine Your Light:

Video by winnpoober


Video by winnpoober

(Lots more bootleg after the jump, so be sure to click the clicky down below there…)

Also Winnie recapped the show for all those not able to be there, over on Jason Castro Fans on Facebook, so go check that out, too!

And we have photos, too! Here are a couple courtesy of crazydo:

Photo by crazydo

Photo by crazydo

For recaps and more photos and all that good stuff, check out the 2012 Random Shows thread on our forum–lots of good stuff, you don’t want to miss it!

Thanks for the recaps and photos and bootleg, beckyvee, crazydo, and Winnie!


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RUN Jackson concert!

As mentioned below, Jason gave a concert at the RUN Jackson event hosted by Jabari Greer’s Greer Campaign this past Saturday. No bootleg has surfaced–yet!–but we have some photos thanks to a Facebook-ing fan:

(All three images ©Haylee Taylor)

For more photos, see the Facebooker’s photo page and/or our forum. And be sure to check out the forum thread for recaps, too!

ETA: Woo, bootleg!

Let’s Just Fall in Love Again:

Video by allyson johnson

ETA some more: Woo, more bootleg, courtesy of jasonnnfan/tnoh437:


Video by tnoh437

You Are:

Video by tnoh437

And more after the jump!

Thanks for finding the pix, Jasonized, and for the recaps and the TON of photos you brought to the forum, jasonnnfan!


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R.U.N. Jackson!

There’s a nice article today on al.com about RUN Jackson, an event during which Jason will be giving a free concert.

[Castro says] he’s looking forward to performing because he values Greer’s cause.

“There’s nothing more satisfying than playing for something you believe in,” Castro said. “I like what he’s doing. It’s inspiring to me.”

So take a look at the article for the full story, and if you are near Jackson, TN, this Saturday, be sure to check out the event!

(And if you go, get us bootleg! Thankyouverymuch.)

Woo, bootleg!

Last night, Jason performed at a benefit for the relatives and friends of missing persons in Mesquite, Texas, and thanks to some very generous fans, we have photos and recaps and bootleg!

The photos and recaps you can find in our friendly forums, under that clicky link right there. (So far the photos are from sound check; if some of the show surface, I’ll bring you a sampling up front here like.)

And here is teh bootleg, courtesy of videographers winnpoober and elgmom–thank you, Winnie and Elg!

Wait (for a Miracle):

Video by winnpoober

You Are:

Video by elgmom

And the rest of the set is after the jump, so be sure to go have a listen!

Many thanks to crazydo and beckyvee for their recaps and photos, and to Jasonized for finding Winnie’s videos for us!


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