No, that’s “Shavu’ot,” the holiday which commemorates the giving of the Torah and about which you can read more here if you are interested, and it is celebrated this coming Sunday and Monday.

(That’s the Aseret ha-Dibrot/Ten Commandments on that Torah scroll up there, if you can read Hebrew and can make it out.)

(It’s also the Aseret ha-Dibrot/Ten Commandments if you can’t read Hebrew or make it out.)

So this is me wishing you all a good Shavu’ot!

So the American Idol Finale is tonight…

…and Jason has been around and about, taking part in the festivities.

Yesterday he posted this image on his Facebook page:

with the message:

Visiting with media friends during American Idol finale week festivities in Los Angeles.

And there was this radio interview with Katy Boyd from Fee’s Kompany on Q104:

As we get more good stuff, I’ll be posting it, so check back!

Thanks for the legwork, Jasonized!

Newsweek looks at former AI contestants

Right here, on their website–77 of ’em!

From their bit on Jason:

Castro’s first album in 2009 sold 100,000 copies and his single “Let’s Just Fall in Love Again” went to No. 1 in the Philippines, Singapore, and Norway. “I’ve gotten to travel around a lot, which has been really cool,” he says.

The rest of Jason’s piece is right here, so check it out.

Thanks for bringing this, faith!

Photo shoot…

Thanks to Jason on Twitter (@jasoncastro) and David Helfant (his agent) on Facebook, we know that Jason is now doing a photo shoot for his upcoming album, in its second day even as we, er, speak. So to speak.

Tweeted by Jason, yesterday:

And the day begins with makeup..

…and by Mandy:

Behind the scenes..

And finally, a veritable, ahem, castrocopia of photos from and by David

In Austin, Texas, on the set of Jason Castro’s photo shoot for his new CD cover. Awesome location.

Had a great photo shoot for Jason Castro’s new CD today. Day Two tomorrow. Can’t wait.

Day Two of the photo shoot for Jason Castro’s new CD. Amazing shots and great Barbecue.

Hanging with Jason Castro and his uke at the photo shoot in Austin.

Jason Castro pretends to be in Cuba. Cigar anyone?

This is the last set-up of the day. Great photos and a lot of fun. Can’t wait to come back to Austin.

Looks like we’ll be getting some very cool photos out of this one!

Thanks, Jasonized, ArtTeacher, and sierrach!

Been over to JasonCastroMusic lately?

Yeah, that’s new! And yep, that there on the lower right in the blurry fuzzy tiny text is a message from Jason about his upcoming New Album (I think a new album deserves caps, so there they are) and fall tour plans. So click on over to JasonCastroMusic and take a look at it in full and eminently readable size!

In addition to squeeing over the news and admiring the look of the new front page, if you’re registered at the site (and if you’re not, why not? It’s free! Do it!) and didn’t take care of it back in March, click on into the full site and reset your profile–there are instructions on how to do it right on the home page.

Thanks for pointing out this exciting development, ohiocastrofan!