This past weekend, Jason performed at ArtBreak, a week-long arts festival for kids that just wrapped up yesterday. And there is some bootleg!:

Video by jpetikas

(If more surfaces, I’ll post it here, so check back.)

Jason also held a mini-workshop for contestants in the ArtBreak Idol contest, as well as serving as one of the judges for ArtBreak Idol. (Thanks to BeckyVee for this info! For her full recap, complete with photos, check out the 2012 Random Shows thread in our forum.)

ETA:If you want to hear Jason doing some judging, you can hear him at around 4:05 here:

Video by LeahThompsonMusic

and at around 3:55 here:

Video by retess1958

(And as a bonus, you get to hear some talented young girls singing. Freebies!)

Thanks to beckvee, sierrach, and Jasonized for bringing us all the stuffs. 🙂

A whole lotta tweeting goin’ on…

As many of you are already aware, Jason is in Nashville right now, recording his upcoming album. If you follow him on Twitter…

(and if not, why not? Go to @jasoncastro immediately and begin!)

…you’ll have seen that he’s been tweeting up a storm, including this little photo tour of the recording studio:

Photo from @jasonCastro

(He’s been retweeting photos and stuff! Go follow him!)

RE: Dallas Unsigned

If you search back in the archives here (or here, or here, or here, or even here), you’ll find a mention or two of Dallas Unsigned, a showcase for up-and-coming Dallas artists launched by Jason and his brother Michael. Well, today DTune Magazine has spotlighted Dallas Unsigned in an article, complete with a long interview with the two brothers, mostly–but not entirely!–about the showcase.

A little taste:

Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

Jason: Five years isn’t too far off, so I would hope to be on album #4 by then and still touring. I’d like to be playing theaters…that’s kind of my “sweet spot”.

Michael: This is a weird question for me […] I’d be perfectly happy writing, or would be perfectly happy playing shows. I don’t know where I’ll be in 5 years, I could kinda go anywhere right now. You’ll just have to check back in 5 years.

Click the nice clicky link for the fulllll piece.

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People revisits AI Seasons 1-10

People Magazine has put together a special issue, looking at every finalist from the first 10 seasons of American Idol. It hit the newstands this past Friday, and luckily for us, a fan posted a scan of the piece about Jason on Twitter:

Scan by @rhiminee

(In case you can’t squint hard enough to make that out, there’s a closeup of the text after the jump.)

And to find out what all your old favorites have been up to, go pick up a copy of the magazine!

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The Top 15 ’80s songs on AI

…according to, has Jason at Number 5:

Jason Castro, season 7, fourth place

”Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen (1984), sung during Top 16 Guys — 1980s night.
Jeff Buckley’s ethereal 1994 cover of ”Hallelujah” is beloved by many, so it was a big risk for the dread-headed singer to sit center stage and sing this classic with only a guitar for accompaniment. The gamble paid off: Simon Cowell called Jason’s sweet, plaintive performance ”brilliant.”

“Brilliant” sound just about right to me.

Hop on over to for the complete list.

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