Happy Purim!

“What’s that?” you say?

Well, Purim is one of Judaism’s minor holidays, but a particularly joyous one, celebrating the events in The Book of Esther with a happy story to listen to in synagogue (and a chance to bang around and make all sorts of noise during, to boot), children–and some adults–romping around the streets in costumes, an overabundance of sugar in various guises given to and received from friends and neighbors and then consumed, and a happy holiday meal, and it starts tonight and ends tomorrow evening. (If you want a more descriptive description, try here and/or here.)

To spread a little Purim joy, I bring you the Maccabeats with their spoof of Pink’s “Raise Your Glass”:

And a decidedly non-traditional take on a very traditional Purim song–the Moshe Skier Band’s “Shoshanas Yaakov”:

Happy Purim, everyone!