Malaria No More event

Just below (yes, down there…no, a little farther…no, not that far…YES! just there) we told you about Jason’s trip to Washington on behalf of Malaria No More. And after meeting with various congressmen on Capitol Hill, Jason (and Melinda Doolittle and Elliott Yamin) performed at the Malaria No More reception. At the event, Jason spoke to USA Today’s David Oliver:

Castro, who recently inked a deal with Word Records, combines his music with his charity work by getting through to fans at concerts, like asking them to donate via text message. He also participated in Malaria No More’s “Stayin’ Alive” program as an ambassador, who would help get the word out to high school students to raise money for the cause.

Castro says other plans are in the works to help get the word out even further. “I think kids are so dying to be involved with something, and we’re about to do some stuff with college kids too,” he said. “I think it gives a lot of people a lot of purpose.”

To top it off, here’s a video (posted by Oliver) of Jason speaking to the assembled guests about the Malaria No More cause, singing “You Are,” and then having Melinda and Elliot join him for a special rendition of “Hallelujah”:

Video by doliver8

Happy Purim!

“What’s that?” you say?

Well, Purim is one of Judaism’s minor holidays, but a particularly joyous one, celebrating the events in The Book of Esther with a happy story to listen to in synagogue (and a chance to bang around and make all sorts of noise during, to boot), children–and some adults–romping around the streets in costumes, an overabundance of sugar in various guises given to and received from friends and neighbors and then consumed, and a happy holiday meal, and it starts tonight and ends tomorrow evening. (If you want a more descriptive description, try here and/or here.)

To spread a little Purim joy, I bring you the Maccabeats with their spoof of Pink’s “Raise Your Glass”:

And a decidedly non-traditional take on a very traditional Purim song–the Moshe Skier Band’s “Shoshanas Yaakov”:

Happy Purim, everyone!

Mr. Castro goes to Washington

To quote from PR Newswire:

Today, Malaria No More, a nonprofit organization determined to help end malaria deaths in Africa, will bring former American Idol finalists Jason Castro (Season 7, 4th place), Melinda Doolittle (Season 6, 3rd place) and Elliott Yamin (Season 5, 3rd place) to Washington, D.C. to meet with members of Congress to voice American support for the malaria fight and celebrate the contributions of the U.S. Government.

They will also be performing at a reception tonight.

And Malaria No More put up this video last week:

As Jason says in the video, malaria is a disease we have the power to eradicate.

[NOTE: If you don’t recognize the source of the blog post title, I despair for you. You can read about it here, and watch it here and you so should!]


According to USA Today’s Idol Chatter blog, Jason has signed a new contract with Word Records (a Christian label that, like Atlantic, is part of the Warner Music Group).

Caption: Singer/songwriter Jason Castro (bottom right) signs his recording contract with Word Records. (Photo © Tree Paine)

Please note, however!:

Jason, who says he hates getting caught up in genres, sees the move to Word as a logical extension of what he’s been doing rather than a major career shift.

“It all fell into place in a really natural way,” he says. “And I’m not trying to just go and become a “Christian artist.” That’s never been my goal. So this next album, I think it’ll be a continuation of what we started on the first album, just a much truer version.”

The article also says that Jason is planning to record in April or May (that’s practically tomorrow!), and is looking at a September release.

Can’t wait!

ETA: David Helfant (Jason’s manager) says the new album is due out Sept. 4!