The Recording Academy, Nashville branch

If you’ve been following Jason on Twitter (and if not, why not? Go follow him at @jasoncastro right now!), you already know he’s been spending time in Nashville, working with a number of different songwriters. And while he was there, he stopped by to perform for the staff of the Nashville branch of The Recording Academy–you know, the Grammy people? They put up this picture:

Photo: © The Recording Academy

and a nice little paragraph talking about his visit on their website.


A very Jason Valentine’s Day

Jason was at the Children’s Medical Center in Dallas on Valentine’s Day, visiting with and performing for the young patients there. The Dallas Morning News was there, and they have a slide show of photos from the event up on their website

Photo © Eve Edelheit/Staff Photographer Dallas

as well as this lovely video:

ETA: The Starlight Foundation (who were sponsoring the event) put up a whole album of photos on their Facebook page! (Thanks for the find, Jasonized!)

Wondering about the quiet lately?

Well, one reason is because Jason was out of the country, as one of the entertainers on the KLove cruise.

(I’m sure–SURE–it had nothing to do with my exhaustion after that last humongous post. Nothing whatsoever. Really.)

Fortunately, a few bits and pieces from the cruise have surfaced now that they’re back on shore, including this clip of Jason, Phil Stacey, and Chris Sligh judging a talent show on the cruise:

Video by andrewselizabeth

ETA: And here’s another video from the cruise, this one of Jason singing “Let’s Just Fall in Love Again”:

Video by angiesdesk