Bootleg and photos and recaps, oh my!

Last night, January 23, Jason performed–twice!–at the Rockwood Music Hall in New York. Since I was there, I shall intersperse my abbreviated (somewhat) recap amongst the photos and bootleg.

(There is nothing, of course, to stop you from ignoring my short teensy recap-y bits and scrolling straight through to the goodies.)

(But I’ll know.)

So to start–the Rockwood Music Hall (or the part of it Jason performed in) is a small, cozy, intimate venue with great acoustics–and they don’t try to blast you out of your seats with noise, it’s wonderful. (It is also dark. Very dark. Perfect for bats.) It is, in fact, just right for trying out some new music. And hey, some familiar music, too! And we got both aplenty…

Here’s a photo of Jason singing “Heart of Stone” from the first show (he opened with “Over the Rainbow”; if I recall correctly, this came right after):

Photo © David Helfant

Nice snap from…I’m not sure which show:

Photo © marleys–mom

I have to confess that I do not remember the precise set list–either set list–but I’m going to put up new music here as it surfaces, and the songs we already know after the jump, so be sure to check those out. Anyway, now for some (wonderful) new music! I think these three are from the first show (if I’m wrong, someone tell me):

“I Know You’re Right” (8pm show):

Video by cookie44jcm

“Never Leave” (8pm show):

Video by cookie44jcm

“Safe House” (8pm show):

Video by cookie44jcm

As I said, I don’t recall the full set list–no doubt someone(s) can and will fill me in*, and then I can delete this spasm of ignorance and fill in the rest authoritatively–but I specifically remember he sang “Wait.”

(I remember because I was the so-polite person who shouted out the request, okay? Yay me!)

Between shows Jason took the time to meet and talk with as many people as he could. If you’ve never been to one of Jason’s shows, you should know that he always tries to meet as close to everyone as humanly possible. (And if you’ve been to a few shows and spoken with him, he’s likely to remember you. No, he really is.) Just one more reason to come out!

For the second show the crowd–it may be a small house but it was pretty full for the first show–thinned out, which made for a very special, personal, relaxed and friendly atmosphere. And Jason was indeed even more relaxed and friendly than during the first show.

Here’s a photo of Jason opening the second show with “Sweet Medicine”:

Photo © David Helfant

Another photo that may or may not be from the second show:

Photo © crazydo

And I’m pretty sure these are from the second show, so I’m putting them here:

“Untitled” (Working title: “Life Is Beautiful”, 10pm show):

Video by cookie44jcm

“I’m With You” (10pm show):

Video by cookie44jcm

And Jason closed the second show as he closed the first show (and as he closes most shows) with “Hallelujah,” only this time he sang it completely unplugged. Which is always super-special.

Jason closing the second show with “Hallelujah” unplugged:

Photo © ArtTeacher

Now for my big, insightful conclusion: It seems to me that all these new songs are a lot less “pop” than the songs from Jason’s first album–and I think that’s a very good thing. More personal, more thoughtful…coming from a deeper place, perhaps.

If you’d like to agree, disagree, see more recaps/photos/etc., tell me to stop rambling already, just hop on in to our forum and speak your piece. (If you haven’t signed up with Castrocopia yet, do it–it’s fast and free. Did I say FREE? It’s free.)

There are more photos at the awesome David Helfant‘s Facebook page, so be sure to check ’em out there. And there are more videos after the jump, so be sure to check those out, too. I may be shifting videos around in the next few days as more videos surface–and I will DEFINITELY be adding videos, I know they’re out there or will be!–so be sure to check back. And I won’t be deleting any–if I swap in a different version of a song, the original will still be here, along with all videos I can find of the songs we already know, just under the fold, as it were.

*NOTE: Aha! I was right! Someone DID write down the set list–both playlists!: Thank you, LindaRas! (And thanks for finding ’em, Jasonized!) If you want to see them, I’ve copied them down after the jump.

Thanks for finding and bringing and/or taking pix and vids, ArtTeacher, Christine, Cookie44, crazydo, David, faith, Jasonized/galinroch, marleys mom, musiclova, ohiocastrofan/spejf, realmccoy/nancyellen1956, Rhaspody4444!

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A piece on songs that should be banned from “Idol”…

by Joey Guerra in the San Antonio Express News has a list of songs that he thinks should never be played on “American Idol” again. Among these is, no surprise, “Hallelujah”:

Hallelujah, Jeff Buckley: I’m not responsible for what happens if I hear this song even once this season. Rowlett’s Jason Castro made it a revelation during Season 7. But Idol has since turned a heartfelt hymn into an overdone attempt at “importance.”

(Bolding mine.

You’re welcome.)

Start the year off right!

As you can see in our sidebar here…

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…Jason is performing at the Rockwood Music Hall in New York City on January 23. Move heaven and earth if you have to and BE THERE!

Fortunately, earth-moving is optional. Tickets are available right under this clicky link here.

See you there!


There will now be two–count ’em, TWO!–shows on January 23. The first will be at 7:15pm (doors open at 6:30) with special guest Jeff LeBlanc, and the second at 10:00pm (doors open at 9:30pm) and will not have an opening act.

Twice the Jason-y goodness–get tickets for both, you only live once!