Archbold, Ohio, bootleg and stuff!

Since a bunch of Copians attended, we have lotsa goodies! First, some pix:

Photo ©

Photo © ohiocastrofan

Photo © ArtTeacher

And now…BOOTLEG!


Video by ohiocastrofan/spejf

Let’s Just Fall in Love Again:

Video by


Video by realmccoy/nancyellen1956

And LOTS more videos after the jump.

Also, there are many, many, many more photos and recaps and the aforementioned stuff in our forum, which you do not want to miss, so be sure to click on through!

EXTRA: Jason harmonizing with a group of very happy fans after the show, on Facebook, right here! (Thanks for finding this, Jasonized!)


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Do YOU want to ask Jason a question?

From The Dreadheads’ Forum:

I am Editor in Chief of DTUNE Magazine, DFW’s up-and-coming music magazine. I am set to interview Jason and Michael TOMORROW, and want to ask him some questions from his fans!

If you would like for me to ask Jason YOUR question, please either reply to this thread or email them to . If I choose your question, Jason might answer you in our upcoming December issue!

Let the questions BEGIN!

Well, if you’d like to, the thread at The Dreadheads is here, so hie on over there and ask away! (And if you haven’t joined there, go ahead and do!)

Thanks for finding this, Jasonized!

Bootleg from the Oct. 2 Point of Grace concert!

Yesterday (Sunday, October 2) Jason opened for Point of Grace in Pennsylvania, and we have BOOTLEG from our own ohiocastrofan–thanks, ohio!

Changing Colors:

Video by spejf

Wait (For a Miracle):

Video by spejf

The rest of the set is after the jump, so be sure to click over. Also, recaps and so on in our forum, so click on over there, too!

ETA: There is also bootleg from our realmccoy!


Video by realmccoy

(And the rest of her videos are also after the jump. More incentive to click!)

ETA2: There are also PHOTOS from ArtTeacher and realmccoy:

Photo by ArtTeacher

So really, check out the event thread in our forum for the rest of them!


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