WinterJam at Reading, PA

Apparently there was a bit of drama at WinterJam 2011 last night in Reading–the show sold out, leaving hundreds of disgruntled fans outside with no chance of hearing the concert. So (according to various tweets) the David Crowder Band, Christ August, and Jason came out and gave them a little impromptu mini-concert:

Video from toriag123 (Sorry about the angle on this–I don’t know how to change it. Never mind–it’ll be good exercise for your neck muscles!)

Check out Jason’s face when some of the audience starts singing along with him!

Now, here’s a photo from the Reading show (inside, this time):

It’s from PoP dEfLaToRs‘s Facebook page–click the clicky and see the full-size photo plus several more from the show.

And last…BOOTLEG! (It’s definitely from WinterJam, and it was posted yesterday, but it MIGHT be from an earlier show. The videographer doesn’t say for sure.):

From Redtail70

ETA: More bootleg from Reading has surfaced! Here’s a nice clip of “You Are”:

From lancasteronline

Thanks to Dakota for bringing us the tweets about the extra performance, to Jasonized for finding the video clip of the impromptu concert, to Musiclova for the photos and the Hallelujah video, and to faith for the You Are clip!