Bootleg and photos from Lancaster!

From Jason’s show at the American Music Theater in Lancaster, PA last night (Feb. 27)… first, some photos:

© someday59

© ohiocastrofan

© realmccoy

© happimess

© Karen Rose Smith (Note: More pix if you click the link!)

© spinaroundforjoy

© ArtTeacher

And now for some bootleg!

Heart of Stone:

From nancyellen1956 aka realmccoy

It Matters to Me:

From vitaminC59 aka someday59

Some between-the-songs banter and the intro to “You Are”:

From vitaminC59 aka someday59

Hallelujah (Yes, you do want to hear it again. No, really):

From vitaminC59 aka someday59

For more Good Stuff, hop on into our forum! You’ll find recaps, photos, and videos–and lots of chat–from and about the show in this thread. (And believe me, you want to. Would I lie?)

Thank you so much, Someday, Ohio, RM, Happimess, Spinaround, and Arty, for all your we-were-there goodies! And thanks, Jasonized, for finding those extra pix!

Oh, and there’s some more bootleg after the jump….


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What to do in “The Week Ahead”, according to The New York Times:

by Jon Caramanica

JASON CASTRO […] Post-“Idol,” though, he caught up to the adulation, releasing a surprisingly strong soft-rock album last year…. The Mr. Castro performing at the YMCA Boulton Center for the Performing Arts on Long Island this week may not resemble the one on “Idol” but wouldn’t be here without him.

Find the full piece here and on page 2 of the Sunday Arts & Leisure section.

Another nice piece from Lancaster Online

Speaking about “Who I Am” and his entry into the Christian market, Jason says:

“I’m a songwriter first and foremost and as a songwriter, you write about all sorts of things in your life. Some of them are about my faith.”

But he shies away from pigeonholing himself and his music into one particular market.

“I really think my songs can speak to people who are aren’t necessarily of the faith,” he says. “Different songs move different people in different ways. I really just want to be open to wherever music leads.”

(For those still wondering about that.)

You can read the rest of the article here.

There’s a thoughtful interview at Long Island Newsday

Here’s Jason on being a self-taught singer:

[…] I think that one advantage of going out and being an artist is having a unique voice. I think that kind of happened because I started singing later in life. You know, I didn’t really have anyone telling me how to sing. And, of course, now I take lessons and it helps, as I learn how to sing. But now I know my voice and I can add on from there, which I think is something that doesn’t necessarily happen if you’re singing from when you’re little. So, I like to think it’s a good thing for me.

The article is posted at, so head on over and have a read.

LancasterOnline has posted a nice article about Jason…

…just about here, in anticipation of Jason’s show at the American Music Theatre on February 27.

In it, the correspondent quotes from a phone interview, in which Jason discusses how he came to music and singing, as well as his feelings about his career in music:

“It’s always been my dream to make my living playing music, so it’s a cool thing. Every now and then I look around and realize it’s really happening.”