From The Porch

Jason just tweeted:

Check out this vid of “It Matters to Me” did something a lil different and it was prob my fav song from the last show.

The link leads to a really lovely video over on of Jason singing “It Matters To Me” at the Porch last week. And it is a little different. Take a listen, and let Jason know what you think, either at JCM or on Twitter!

20 Must See Videos by Life Blizzard

Anna M at her Life Blizzard blog has posted her Top 20 Must See Jason Videos – and they include a wide variety of choices, from AI performances, Date Nights and concert bootleg in Manila, Norway and the US. It’s a nicely selected crop of videos – and a fun walk down memory lane.

Just a brief public service announcement – you can find a large number of videos here as well. Click on the Video/Bootleg above to get started. Don’t miss the Tour Bootleg on the top of that page to find many live performances.