Lemon Playlist

Mar30mar posted in our Shuffle thread that she wanted a new playlist. And I’m powerless to resist a powerlist. So here you go…. Mar asked me for a playlist   1. Secret Sisters – Tennessee Me I’m a sucker for beautiful voices and harmony. I literally just bought this so I just picked the song

“You Are” is in the air…

Wondering where to hear Jason’s new single, “You Are” (aside from where it’s streaming on JasonCastroMusic, that is)? Wonder no further. The song has been picked up by 24 stations to date, 12 this week: AC ADDS this week KLTY Dallas, TX KBNJ Corpus Christi, TX KGBI Omaha, NE WBHY Mobile, AL WHPZ South Bend,

Kick Start Michael Castro

If you’ve listened to Michael’s last EP, you know that he’s got a gift for song writing and a voice reminiscent of Gavin DeGraw or James Morrison. If you’d like to help him with his next EP, you need to make a pledge of support within the next 12 days. Check out his project page


© Mohegan SunMohegan Sun put up a bunch of photos from last night on their Facebook page. Thanks, Mohegan Sun!And thanks for the find, glotrovato! ETA: You can also see some performance photos at Katie’s Concert Blog. Niceee! And yet more at glotrovato’s gallery. Thanks for some great pictures, both of you!