Lemon Playlist

Mar30mar posted in our Shuffle thread that she wanted a new playlist. And I’m powerless to resist a powerlist. So here you go….

Mar asked me for a playlist


1. Secret Sisters – Tennessee Me
I’m a sucker for beautiful voices and harmony. I literally just bought this so I just picked the song I found the most easily accessible on first listen. My daughter keeps saying “I hate country music” at my CDs lately. I haven’t realized how much I’ve been veering genre-ly generally.

2. Benjy Davis Project – Mississippi
OK so I’d be a liar if I said this song doesn’t sound exactly like John Mayer’s Who Says, but it’s better. Mainly because it’s not John Mayer. This will be the first of several Matt Hires mentions, sorry, can’t be helped. Matt opened for Benjy last summer and they slipped onto my radar. I still didn’t pick this up til it was a free download and I’m glad I did get it because it’s a nice collection of music. It doesn’t all sound like John Mayer. Some of it sounds like Jason Mraz.

3. Habib Koit̩ and Bamada РDin Din Wo (Little Child)
I really have no idea why I own this. I suspect it was a free download. But I think it’s pretty cool. It kind of screams “World Music”. Turns out Koité is a Malian singer known for playing his guitar on the pentatonic scale, and further research led me to discover that this song was included in Windows Vista. What? Well, whatever gets your music heard dude. You still apparently gave it away for free on Amazon. Score 1 Lemon! Woot!

4. Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros – Come In Please
Don’t be fooled by this innocent track. This is one bizarre CD. Unapologetically too. It’s just a crazy mess of crazy ass music. For my playlist, I chose something appealing for mass listeners, or so I hope. The single off this CD is called Home and I’ve heard it a bunch on the radio. It’s totally radio unfriendly. It begs the question – what in the hell does it take to get radio play? (I’m thankful for music like this breaking the monotony… Just makes me wonder how they do it.)

5. Sufjan Stevens – Enchanting Ghost
Speaking of defying radio-friendly. This EP is an hour long. 2 of the songs alone make up 30 minutes. Once again, I’m just fooling you with this attractive song. If you’re not sure if you love Sufjan, you might want to buy a song at a time. Or if you think that 99 cents for a 17 minute song is a bargain, then plunge forth!

6. Brandon Flowers – Magdalena
I bought this CD because Matt Hires was literally a-twitter about it. I like the Killers so it wasn’t a tough sell, but you never know. Did you know Mayi is going to see Brandon Flowers? She has tickets. Lucky.

7. Ray LaMontagne – This Love is Over
Yeah so if you don’t have this CD, you’re just cheating yourself. Absolutely stupefying work of art.

8. Beck – Ramona
You might have seen this coming. Did you know that Scott Pilgrim is just Beck? Well yeah. But even I would tell you to avoid that movie soundtrack like the plague. This was the one salvageable track I could find from that mess.

9. Arcade Fire – Deep Blue
This is me buying what everyone else is buying and not caring. This is a hell of a great CD and I really wasn’t sure what to include on this list. I admit too that I bought this mid-August so I don’t know if it counts as “new” so much as “recent” and I don’t care. The song from this CD I hear most on the radio, btw, is Ready to Start which is cacaophonous and nuts.

10. Brer – Alight On My Limb
And this is worse, time-wise. This goes back to July for me, and back to 2008 for Matt Hires. This is from that CD that we scored when I found a picture of the artwork for this release from Matt’s old band and then begged Matt to let us buy a copy off him. Of all the tracks that haven’t been reworked for the new CD, I found this one the most promising. I do think that the use of the word “limb” is asking for me to make some untoward remarks. But I’ll refrain…. You have to admit, this is about the most endearing thing you’ve ever heard. Right? Or am I just guzzling my own kool-aid? Mmmmm. Kool-aid.