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Thanks so much everyone. We reached our goal in record time. Thank you to everyone who chipped in. And to those who didn’t – no worries. We all give when and where we can. Party time!

So it’s that time of year when the rent comes due… I run Copia on a private server, along with a bunch of other sites that have ended up springing up for fun from time to time. Every year, I toy with the idea of moving back to cheap hosting but I sort of enjoy that we haven’t experienced any significant downtime since we’ve been on this host, and I rather love the fun we have when the mood strikes to host another site, however insanely temporary. Not to mention all the video and other media we’ve been able to stream here. However, I can’t really afford this luxury hosting on my own and so since we’ve been here, I’ve been accepting donations – small donations, from people who have a little extra to spare. If you are struggling with your finances right now, I don’t want you to send me any money. If you have 5 or 10 bucks burning a hole in your pocket, I would certainly appreciate the support. I can always downgrade next year if the funds are running out.

Anyway, all that nonsense to point out the Donate button to the right. The upkeep here is about $500 annually and that’s all I’m looking to fulfill. Once I hit that amount, I’ll take the button down. If you have been here before, you know I will. Sorry that the timing is so crappy. I know that many of you have been contributing to many other more worthy causes lately, and pre-ordering worthy music… but I don’t make monkeys, I just train ’em.

Thanks very much in advance!

The management.

Fish House Videos

Thanks to Shelley Yates at The Fish House & Atlas Oyster House in Pensacola, FL for taping Jason’s set this past weekend and then being so amazing as to share it with us. If you appreciate this generosity as much as I think you will, take a moment to let them know by liking their Facebook page and tell your friends about them.

I’m uploading the entire show here, but it’s not going to be entirely there til later this evening. I know you’re all anxious to hear the new songs, so you can go ahead and play them on the dedicated Fish House video page or just take a listen right here:

Jason didn’t tell us the name of the first new song, but I’m unofficially calling it “What If I Fall”. I’m guessing that the second song is titled “Who I Am” based solely on what he’s said the Christian-release EP is going to be called. Thanks again Shelley and The Fish House! And special thanks to Mel (aka HappilyHopeless) for her initiative in procuring this fix for us. Outstanding service!

For all those who love “You Can Always Come Home” …

Are you familiar with HitPredictor? It’s a site that lets you hear substantial clips from all kinds of new songs (you can pick your favorite categories) and rate them, to help artists and labels judge potential audience responses. For every song you rate, you earn points, which you can redeem for prizes. Me, I like it because, unlike the radio (which plays the same 10 or 15 songs over and over), it introduces me to a lot of artists and songs I’ve never heard before. I’ve picked up at least half a dozen albums after first hearing the artists on HitPredictor. (And I won a couple of Amazon gift certificates, over the past 6 months or so–yay!)

Well, most weeks this site has a contest wherein members nominate songs, three of which end up in the jukebox on Tuesday; find those songs by Thursday and report your find and you get extra points. The last few weeks there have been so many great songs suggested that HitPredictor added a few extra tracks from the list to the jukebox on Friday, to see which of them we think have hit potential. Which they did again today. And included in these:

“You Can Always Come Home” is a tender duet by Jason Castro with labelmate Serena Ryder that [a] HitPredictor member … thinks is a wonderful song for the fall season. This touching track has a bluesy feel with heartfelt lyrics. Album reviews of the American Idol alum’s self-titled debut album have called out this track consistently as one of the top three on the entire record. Do you agree and think it deserves more attention on the radio?

So go sign in or sign up and let them know what you think!

In Remembrance

I heard someone refer to this past 10 years as the “decade of calamity”. As a country, we’ve survived a terrorist attack, assaults of nature, incomprehensible random acts of violence, economic catastrophe and a mind-boggling man-made natural disaster. Off shore, we watched in heartbreak as people were devastated by tsunamis, hurricanes and earthquakes. But while these events happened in communities scattered across the globe, it’s amazing to realize how our small community here at Castrocopia has been impacted so directly. We have Meme here who survived Katrina and Ash who experienced at close hand the shootings at Virginia Tech. I walked away from the world trade center buildings the day they fell. Phil from GLOW is working first hand in Haiti to improve impossible conditions. We have friends here who have been hit hard and directly by the economic free fall, losing jobs, losing old homes, finding new lives. This does not even include the long list of unfortunately universal and timeless personal challenges our members have faced – from the extreme life-changing events of fighting cancer (hugs to you women) and losing extended family to the mundane struggles of work and family.

I tend to post on 9/11 each year because it’s a date that still hits me in the gut, but while the attacks on this country might be more “evil” in many respects, they were certainly not the only or even the most horrific events. And so, I’d like to take today to recognize all the members here who have encountered one of the calamities of the decade and to appreciate the “phalanx” (thanks Rere) of Copians who are always here to offer an ear, words of wisdom, laughs and understanding. You all mean the world to me and I am grateful to know you. I’m thankful that you are all here.