Knock knock knock!

Update Thanks so much everyone. We reached our goal in record time. Thank you to everyone who chipped in. And to those who didn’t – no worries. We all give when and where we can. Party time! So it’s that time of year when the rent comes due… I run Copia on a private server,


Today is Tuesday (yes, really) and so of course there is a new fan club video. But instead of the last Q&A video we were expecting, there’s a special announcement by Jason… …so click on over and get the news! Still not a fan club member? Click here for more info.

In Remembrance

I heard someone refer to this past 10 years as the “decade of calamity”. As a country, we’ve survived a terrorist attack, assaults of nature, incomprehensible random acts of violence, economic catastrophe and a mind-boggling man-made natural disaster. Off shore, we watched in heartbreak as people were devastated by tsunamis, hurricanes and earthquakes. But while