Happy Birthday, Richard Rodgers!

You know, composer Richard Rodgers of Rodger and Hart? Composer Richard Rodgers of Rodgers and Hammerstein? Right!

Rodgers wrote or co-wrote over 900 songs, most of which he co-wrote with two enormously different lyricists. With Larry Hart he wrote sophisticated, ironic, timeless songs that were and are a major influence on popular music. With Oscar Hammerstein he wrote equally timeless songs that are generally considered more emotional (or unabashedly sentimental), and as both writers and producers, he and Hammerstein are often credited with reshaping the Broadway musical. He is one of only two people ever to have won an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, a Tony, and a Pulitzer Prize (the other being Marvin Hamlisch). You know an awful lot of his songs, whether you realize it or not. Here are a very, very few:

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Tie a ribbon on your finger for June 29…

From our favorite Dave:

“Jason Castro being interviewed for Cambio Connect, a new online entertainment website. The Show will be posted on June 29th.”

Credit: @diamonddave05

“Jason Castro performing ‘That’s What I’m Here For’ at the Grove for Cambio Connect”

Credit: @diamonddave05

That url, btw, is: www.cambio.com/cambio-connect/

Set your recording devices!

Jason Castro’s appearance on “The Bold and The Beautiful” will air on July 29th and 30th. Check local listings for air times in your city.

That tweet is from Jason’s manager, David Helfant, who also shared some photos from today’s rehearsals with us via twitpic:

Jason Castro’s Dressing Room on the set of “The Bold and The Beautiful”

Credit: @diamonddave05

Jason Castro in rehearsals on the set of “The Bold and The Beautiful” at CBS Television

Credit: @diamonddave05

Thanks and cheers, David–And thanks to marleys mom for the find.

And now for something a little different

You may recall that while Jason was in Norway last week, I put up a picture of Jason being interviewed at a radio station there, taken by the iPhone camera king, @diamonddave05. Well, there were actually two photos of that visit, and here’s the second (caption and photo by David Helfant):

Jason Castro and Stephen Kanicka performing B.O.B.’s hit on P4, the Hot AC station in Oslo, Norway

Credit: @diamonddave05

Wanna hear Jason singing B.O.B.’s “Nothin on You”? Now you can! It–and Jason’s in-station performance of “Let’s Just Fall in Love Again”–are up here!

(Confused by the non-Englishness? Try this.)

Thanks to realmccoy for the find.

Mar30Mar Playlist

So 2 weeks ago, I did a playlist of songs by boys covered by girls. It was kind of like shooting fish in a barrel because there are so many to choose from. I was going to attempt the reverse, which I knew was going to be considerably more challenging, nigh impossible. So I tricked talked mar30mar into doing this week’s playlist for us, since she was responsible for the original theme. I’m starting to like this backseat here on the blog…. Anyway, the amazing mar came through with a trans-gendered masterpiece, so I’ll let her take it away.

When Liz used the word “wrangle” when asking if I might like to put together this playlist (yes please! I would! Thanks for the invite, Liz) I didn’t realize at first what an appropriate verb that was. In fact it’s highly appropriate, seeing how the instances of guys covering songs written by (or almost exclusively associated with) girls is probably about ten percent, or even five, of what’s out there for female musicians covering songs by guys. So there I was, a lonely cowboy on the high plain, searching the horizon for even a single head of cattle….I mean a song covered by a guy that originally came from a girl. But they were out there! The search through my brain and music library was fun. I ruled out ones that were too obvious, like You’ve Got a Friend, and hopefully brought some tunes that are different but interesting. Ta da….here they are.


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Hot Zone Online’s Head to Head Challenge

Jason’s “That’s What I’m Here For” won last week’s challenge against David Cook’s “Permanent”, woo! (Happily, the associated controversy was settled without the need to discuss hanging chads or a side trip to the Supreme Court.)

Now he is up against Sons of Sylvia and their song “Love Left to Lose.” If you are interested in participating, go here.

Happy voting!