Happy Birthday, Richard Rodgers!

You know, composer Richard Rodgers of Rodger and Hart? Composer Richard Rodgers of Rodgers and Hammerstein? Right! Rodgers wrote or co-wrote over 900 songs, most of which he co-wrote with two enormously different lyricists. With Larry Hart he wrote sophisticated, ironic, timeless songs that were and are a major influence on popular music. With Oscar

“Hey, Jude”!

Jason was at the Sleeperstar concert Friday night, and was invited up onstage (along with the opening acts and the guys from GRO) to join in a performance of “Hey, Jude.” You can catch glimpses of him in this fan video: Fun! Thanks to momag98 for the news and to jasonnnfan for the video find.

Hot Zone Online’s Head to Head Challenge

Jason’s “That’s What I’m Here For” won last week’s challenge against David Cook’s “Permanent”, woo! (Happily, the associated controversy was settled without the need to discuss hanging chads or a side trip to the Supreme Court.) Now he is up against Sons of Sylvia and their song “Love Left to Lose.” If you are interested