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I am very happy to announce that REReader has agreed to bring her sleuthing skills to the front page and will be helping keep the blog up to date with the latest and greatest news, videos and other random tidbits. You all already know that she is a constant source of news on the forum and I’m extremely grateful to her for coming aboard.

I hope you’ll join me as I ask her for the first time: “There’s a blog?”

Happy Birthday, McLovin!

McLovin – I’m not gonna lie. We miss you. So consider this the Happy Birthday/Wish You Were Here playlist of 2010.

Happy Birthday, McLovin!
Wish You Were Here


1. Del Shannon – My Little Runaway
Remember when we put together a playlist of songs to give to Michael Castro in case he made it on Idol and needed theme suggestions? “Runaway” was your awesome contribution for the 1960s? Who knew I’d be singing this song about you by summer? We’re missing you, McLovin.

2. Jason Castro – Clumsy
Remember when we put together a website for Jason Castro because YOU heard something special in his pre-Idol recordings? (Am I hitting below the belt? Tough, we all miss you.)

3. Amos Lee – Listen
One of your pretend boyfriends and one of the many artists I wouldn’t have ever heard of if not for you. Thanks for being my musical better half.

4. Matt Hires!! – Out of the Dark
One of my pretend boyfriends and one of the many artists we discovered along this Jason journey. Thanks for not getting too jealous of my cupidity.

5. Vancouver – Jeff Buckley
Beyond the moment that ends our bondage.
I am your failed husband contender,
I’m your loan shark of bliss.

Wait…. let’s not get carried away. I just needed a V song to spell out your name. And Jeff will always, for the rest of my life, make me think of you. I know that tomorrow will be a tough day for you. Thank you for keeping Jeff’s memory alive.

6. Kings Of Leon – I Want You
Heterosexual life partner, there’s nobody else on earth who I could seduce with lyrics from Jesus Christ Superstar. You’re a friend who tosses out a pretend boyfriend without a second thought when her chick’s dicked over by a prick. You always know one Followill from another. You speak hard truths, but soft words to friends. You swear as zealously as me, but with far more art. You could make a pro blush. You could make me laugh if you were only allowed to utter 2 words. Especially if 1 of the words was “squealhole”. I hope you have a hell of a birthday, with copious amounts of rum… and that you stagger in here at some point and say inappropriate things in totally wrong threads. I love you, girl. Everybody here wants you.

7. Black Keys – Never Gonna Give You Up
What? You were expecting Rick Astley? Yeah, you know me too well.

BMI Article

There’s a very nice article on BMI today.

We can only quote a part, but be sure to read the whole thing.

His creative growth notwithstanding, Castro also deserves credit for staying true to the modest, “aw-shucks” charm that has made him an alternative to today’s hard rock/hip-hop bad boys. The New York Times even praised Castro’s “contrarian streak.” For his part, Castro says his easygoing style comes naturally. “I just think the music should be real,” the singer said. “I just like to be myself. I’m not really good at being somebody else.”

Thanks to Ohio for the find.

Cure for the Summertime Blues?

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