Jason in Billboard Magazine

Via ABC News: “Idol” alum keeps his cool on long-awaited debut.

Castro spent much of 2008 exploring the option of signing with an indie before choosing a multirights deal with Atlantic, which saw potential in him as a touring artist. “That’s a big reason why we signed Jason,” Atlantic senior vice president of pop/rock marketing Dane Venable said. “We felt he could have a really solid, long-term career on the road. Onstage, he’s deeply emotional and connected with his songs, as well as with the fans who come out to see him.”

More About Jason in the Philippines

Thanks to our Pinoy guests for continually bringing us the goods from Jason’s tour in their country. Here’s a quick round up, thanks mostly to bananafish.

Video – interview + Clips

Blog with a recap and pictures

Hilarious account of newly converted fan

the girls started to sigh and swoon. who wouldn’t since he appreciates his fans so much compared to an American Idol who doesn’t know how to appreciate his fans. J.C smiles at his fans, waves at them even his fans who weren’t able to get those 800php worth seats, he still waved at them, US!!