Jon Caramanica has a gig at the NY Times Music Review blog. He was in attendence at Jason’s show last night in NYC at Joe’s Pub and wrote up his review of the night here.

Talking about Jason’s EP as it compares to other Idol releases, he writes:

But no one rushed Mr. Castro to pin down his style, and he certainly didn’t rush himself.

He’s got it down cold now, though: 1960s pop with bright guitars, slashed through with a contrarian streak. It’s as if he were still stuck in one of the genre-themed weeks on “Idol,” but the most apt one. Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz should be nervous (to say nothing of Wednesday night’s actual headliner, Matt Hires, who received a fraction of the adulation bestowed on Mr. Castro).

(Sorry Matt – Jon doesn’t know that we all adore you too.)

Jon seemed to love each performance more than the last – excluding Crazy. What’s more, Jon recognizes that Jason is unique and that he now owns his own style with conviction and comfort. As he said in his review of Jason’s Hallelujah, “He planted a flag — each note was his own.”

RFO, Jon. It’s nice to see the professional critics catching up.