New Year’s Eve Playlist – Featuring Songs from 2009 and Friends, Old and New

Welcome to the 2009 New Year’s Eve Playlist – brought to you by people who should be familiar to you. This was GOING to be a song list by guys whose name starts with J, turned into a song list by guys whose name starts with D or J, plus a DJ and then just broke out into all kinds of confusion. Glad it did.

I did NOT ask for anyone’s favorite song of the year, or their idea of the BEST song of the year. I figured that was a futile exercise. I did ask them to pick a song that stood out for them this year. I’m grateful for the explanations that came back with some of their choices.

And thanks to all our contributors. May your 2010 be as successful as 2009. (Gots to click Read More, yo.)

Oh yeah – and this is where we go to talk about the amazing non-Jason music on the forum…

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Jwaye Nwel

Our dear friends at GLOW ministries have shared so much joy and heart ache with us the past 2 years. We helped them fill a bus up last year with school supplies for the LaKoline school down in Haiti, only to cry with them as many precious items were pirated right out from under them. Our hearts were filled with joy to see our children in LaKoline at long last, and with sorrow as we learned of children left motherless by the floods with fathers who could do no more than to let them go. We’re thankful for Phil who shepherds these children and finds a place of safety for them when there is none. And we know he spares us the worst because quite possibly the full truth would leave us with such despair that we would fail to continue on. And yet, Phil and Amber soldier on with their work against the odds, not waiting for the world to change.

I’m thankful too for those of you who have been touched by the stories from Haiti and have felt the call to support GLOW Ministries in their work. Do you remember when Phil and Amber envisioned the school at LaKoline and we sent boxes filled with supplies and money to get them going?

He wants to build something sturdy, which will be available to the community for a shelter and meeting hall /church structure as well as a school facility. About $4000 US will build a cement block, approximately 30×15, tin roofed single room building which will serve these needs. Eventually, desks will need to be built for this building, too. Phil is planning to send this money regardless of any participation by our Castrocopian friends, so this is a no frills no pressure situation. Like the opposite of a time share presentation! I know you all see the value of serving these sweet kids, so they can speak for themselves! If you’d like to participate in any or all of this work in progress you can earmark donations on the website with a JC LK for Jesus Christ & LaKoline. It’s his birth we are honoring, and Jason’s initials just happen to match.

Last year we had the leisure of donating as we saw fit, with no pressure at all. And we have tried to steer money to them through various smaller charity drives. But now things have tightened up for LaKoline. It takes approximately $900 per month to run the school. Most of the sponsors besides Castrocopia have been disappearing. We have agreed to try to take on the sponsorship of the school, but we need pledged support from all of YOU – even if you can only manage $5 or $10 per month – to keep this school running for these sweet kids.

If you would like to help us sponsor this school, please PM me on the forum or email me at so I can add you to our group. We are currently able to promise $250 per month to the school, but we’d surely like to promise more. If you let me know what you can contribute, I will promise to email you once a month to remind you of your pledge. If you’d prefer to make a one time donation, you can do that as well and I can divvy your payment up across 12 months and let Phil know to expect that. Or you can donate on the GLOW donations page or paypal to Either way, your money will go directly to the preschool if you type “JC LK for Jesus Christ & LaKoline” in the “Would you like to speak with a GLOW Representative” field on their page, or in the message at paypal.

Please enjoy the Haitian Christmas music Phil was so kind to send our way.

Jwaye Nwel

Love Uncompromised EP

Head over to JCM for news about a 5 song EP being released on January 12.

1. Let’s Just Fall In Love Again (acoustic) (credit kidd kraddick)

2. Love Uncompromised (credit poisnivyred)

3. You Can Always Come Home (featuring Serena Ryder) (credit mix931fm)

4. If I Were You (credit jewelroman)

5. Sweet Medicine (credit kccatdr)

Rumored Bonus: I Just Want To Be Your Everything*

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