New Year’s Eve Playlist – Featuring Songs from 2009 and Friends, Old and New

Welcome to the 2009 New Year’s Eve Playlist – brought to you by people who should be familiar to you. This was GOING to be a song list by guys whose name starts with J, turned into a song list by guys whose name starts with D or J, plus a DJ and then just

Jwaye Nwel

Our dear friends at GLOW ministries have shared so much joy and heart ache with us the past 2 years. We helped them fill a bus up last year with school supplies for the LaKoline school down in Haiti, only to cry with them as many precious items were pirated right out from under them.

Love Uncompromised EP

Head over to JCM for news about a 5 song EP being released on January 12. 1. Let’s Just Fall In Love Again (acoustic) (credit kidd kraddick) 2. Love Uncompromised (credit poisnivyred) 3. You Can Always Come Home (featuring Serena Ryder) (credit mix931fm) 4. If I Were You (credit jewelroman) 5. Sweet Medicine (credit kccatdr)