Billboard has a nice article about Jason’s Mall Tour, which includes a little write up about him.

In fact, the dreadlocked singer is proud of being the first contestant to ever play an instrument on “Idol,” paving the way for a low-key artist like Allen to win the title a year later — perhaps to the chagrin of “Idol” judge Simon Cowell. “I think it would have happened either way,” he says. “It’s started as a singing competition, but it’s slowly morphed. Maybe I was one of the catalysts, but I just happened to be that guy who walked in with a guitar.”

Roanoke Interview

There’s a cool little interview with Jason in the Roanoke Times website. Jason will be performing at the Pretty In Pink Ladies Night Out this Thursday and he answered some interesting questions for the article.

Q: What’s the craziest thing that’s happened since “Idol”?

Crazy things happen every day. Sometimes it’s shocking to see. I was recently in Modesto at a venue, and it was amazing the amount of people who showed up. People were screaming. It really rivaled an “American Idol” show. There is a parade in my name in my hometown of Rockwall [Texas]. I even have my own Jason Castro day there.

Thanks to SameCage for the find.