American Idol: Machiavellianism and the Masses

And they’re back to their old tricks. Already.

Between Tuesday’s shenanigans, being subjected to the roll-out of Operation Damage Control all day Wednesday, featuring conflicting explanations of what really happened when Paula judged both of Jason’s songs despite his only performing one and Idol’s glossing over the entire incident in less than a minute’s airtime during the results show, it’s certainly been a drama-filled week.

The sheer volume of explanations that AI threw at the wall in the hopes that any of them would stick and the viewers would be convinced that they were overreacting were pretty amusing but the whole thing really highlighted just how stupid the producers of Idol perceive their viewers to be. Wednesday’s result show was a joke, and the people talking about it on the internet today know it. The only writers I’ve found that think everything’s all better now are the lazy ones who parrot the judges’ opinions week after week anyway, so I wouldn’t call that validation. Most of the commentary is still negative towards AI. I could post an endless list of links to fingers wagging in AI’s direction, but instead I’m just posting these three because they pretty well encapsulate AI’s shoddy treatment of this mess as I see it:

From our own forum- sybilsarmy:

Paula runs the bus over him [Jason], leaves him under the front tire, and they rush to make sure SHE’S okay.

From Royal Misfits – sleeper

The sly mofos were in full damage control mode tonight, wagging the dog to the equivalent of bombing Serbia. It’s all about poor misunderstood Paula and the meanies on the interwebs. She always gives the contestants a break, dontcha know, and is all about nurturing their dreams. And Simon is human, y’all, he too was a little boy sometime, and had a crush. Aww. And the Dawg was a model. So there. Run along now, nothing to see here.

Michael Slezak

Excuse me?

First of all, no one was asking for Idol to address any ”rumors.” And as for all that talk of ”family,” well, let’s be honest — sometimes we all need a little tough love from our blood relations.

And yet it continues. Not only were we treated to the bullshit that was Paula’s appearance on Ryan’s radio show, we got the added pleasure of vocal coach Debra Byrd remarking later that day to Ryan – again on KIIS – that at this stage of the game, the schedule starts wearing the contestants down and Jason would be relieved to go home. And another Idol employee is added to my Fuck Off list. In the interest of fairness, she perhaps should have added that maybe he just seems run-down because he was really sick last week but I don’t think Idol will ever consider letting that little tidbit out because it’s contraindicated for their current agenda.

What agenda is that? Only one day after Idol does their version of bending over backwards to prove that the judges are fair, we’re now treated to this: Simon and Randy downplaying Jason again, this time while being interviewed by Simon’s girlfriend, Terri Seymour, a clip that is later viewed and discussed on a Fox morning show in Los Angeles. Now, I may be alone on this one, but I think an interview between Terri Seymour and Simon Cowell regarding anything to do with Idol which is then presented to a TV station as journalism is tantamount to me filming my husband’s opinion of the Utah Jazz and presenting it to ESPN as a documentary.

There’s plenty of bullshit to be found in this little slice of manipulation but I’m going to limit my comments to three:

• Bait and Switch, Part 1: My Fox LA labels the clip as “KTTV sent Terri Seymour backstage at “American Idol” last night to get the judges reactions to Brooke White being sent home.” Brooke isn’t mentioned at all in the segment.

• Bait and Switch, Part 2. The clip is introduced on the news show as an explanation for Paulagate, but what we learn here is that Jason is forgettable. Nicely played.

• Randy and Simon’s comments that Jason’s still here because of his fans and is getting the popular vote. I’m confused as to why anyone would prefer to not be earning fans or getting votes. It’s the whole point of the show, so why they say it as if it were a bad thing is pretty assy. And Paula already said that they can’t hear the contestants singing, so commenting that Jason isn’t here based on his singing is meaningless.

• I lied. I have more to say. The girls love Jason. Newsflash, dumbasses. Jason has plenty of male fans and his female fans span a pretty wide demographic. They’re not all teenagers.

• Jason is ‘too cool for school’ and ‘mellow’. To that I say, lucky for him. A more tightly-wound contestant or a person with a lesser sense of self might have fallen apart from all the pressure, especially when they are so clearly spat upon by the judges and the producers week after week.

And at the end of the clip we hear that Randy made a face when it was announced that Jason was safe on Wednesday. Randy doesn’t like Jason? Now, there’s a fucking surprise. *eyeroll*

iTunes Forever in Blue Jeans

We get a lot of Google hits from people looking for Jason’s studio singles. We’ve never posted them here as a download and we never will. Sure, we don’t want to be hit with a copyright infringement fine, but the main reason we don’t offer it is because it’s counterproductive to our mission of supporting Jason.

But it occurred to me today – after someone hit me with a brick by actually saying they don’t want to buy Idols’ singles without hearing them first – that not everyone will buy the single just because it’s Jason. Whaaaa? It’s madness, if you ask me, but to each their own. Since there are people out there that are uploading the songs onto youtube, we’ll go ahead and start posting those here as a marketing tool.

So here’s “Forever in Blue Jean”. Singles from previous weeks after the jump.

Forever in Blue Jeans at I-Tunes


Jason Castro’s iTunes Page


I Don’t Want To Cry

Over the Rainbow

Travelin’ Thru


Michelle (Warning: Heavy-handed production values!)

If I Fell

Michael Slezak Earns the Castrocopia Right Fucking On Award (Again)

Once again, I am going on record as saying they need to get rid of the entire judges panel and just replace them with Michael Slezak and whoever he chooses to join him. The commentary would be entertaining and more importantly spot on. We don’t always share a favorite but he’s refreshingly honest and makes total sense.

This week in his recap entitled ‘American Idol’: Never Mind the Bollix…, he says that Jason was due an on-the-air apology for panning the performance he was about to give and he credits us, his fans, for pulling through for him.

But it’s THIS rant that earns him my undying respect:

Furthermore, if in fact the latter scenario was true, that Paula formed her critique based on dress-rehearsal notes, then Nigel should’ve come out on stage and promised viewers that he was putting an end to the show’s policy of allowing Simon, Randy, and Paula to attend or view rehearsals in the first place. Seriously, if, for example, Syesha showed up for a dress rehearsal in sweatpants and a T-shirt but slipped into an Escada gown right before showtime, would it be fair for Simon to take a jab at her sloppy fashion sense? (Of course not.) So why is it okay for the show to be any less stringent regarding contestants’ vocal performances? (Oh, and if the judges can’t hear properly during the taping of the Idol telecast, then how about investing in some decent ear monitors for ’em, and maybe getting rid of the absolutely infuriating, frequently shrieking, rhythm-free sway-bots who are standing in between the performers and the panel?)

Michael Slezak – I love you and I don’t care who knows it.

Picture of the Day

Sorry to jump in here on you, McLovin but DM left some wonderful screen caps in the forum Photo thread and when I saw this one, it warmed my heart. It wasn’t anywhere as good as an apology but they did the right thing sending Jason to safety right from the start. Look at this face and tell me he’s not in it to win it.


Idol Answers the Rumour-mongers!!

And lays to rest – once and for all! – whether there was anything underhanded in Paula’s negative review of Jason’s as yet unperformed second song on Tuesday night.

From Entertainment Weekly:

Ryan Seacrest addressed last night’s controversy in a brief, vague statement, focusing on unspecified ”rumors.” ”It sparked a lot of gossip about Paula,” the Idol host said, ”and I read some of this online this morning. And just for the record, the rumors, they’re not true. She’s part of our family and we love her.”

Wait — Now I feel completely out of the loop because in my haste to WTF? over the many explanations (I’m not even going to try to link any of them. Scroll down the blog — you’ll see them) for this horseshit I completely overlooked the speculation and rumour that Paula might not be loved by her AI family.

Bad McLovin.