Victory is Ours

Misfit toys expressed in Lolcastro how many of us feel tonight. Thanks for this one! And thanks to all of you who voted last night. Let’s do even better next week and learn from any mistakes we made this week. Congratulations to all Jason fans – Castrocopians, Castronauts and Dreadheads! And especially to Jason!

Debra Byrd on KIIS

Several of our posters saw this link on MJ’s. Vocal coach Debra Byrd was also on Ryan’s show on KIIS today. You can listen to their chat here. Gross story a couple minutes in, but that’s just used as a segue to do more ‘splaining about the mess of their own making from last night.

Sometimes Buses Backfire

Gina at Seacoastonline has been conspiracy theorizing in her last couple of articles anyway. She seems a little more convinced now and has experienced a shift in allegiance that seems to surprise her: Simon: We don’t recognize you at the moment. For the last two weeks we haven’t seen the Jason we accepted into the

Castrocopia – We Sux

I’ve just realized that we never posted the videos from last night. I think all the bullshit and subterfuge made me lose my focus, but I’m about to fix that RIGHT NOW! I predict that sometime later on, I’ll remember that I haven’t posted a Picture of the Day yet and will apologize for my

EW Recaps The Paula Interview

And God love them for it, too, because srsly – I could not wade through the bullshit. Gory details on the PopWatch blog, including this: She did not once express any remorse or concern about what her comments may have done to Castro’s chances in the competition, and his confidence when he finally did get

Castrocopian Know-It-Alls Knew That Their Cover Story was Going to Be Bullshit Before We Heard It

Hope a lot of you were able to catch the “Damage Control” that just occurred on Ryan’s radio show on KIIS-FM. It was almost as bad as last night’s mess. WTG, AI!! McLovin: Yikes, Liz Lemon. High or just plain dopey? Nope, not adding to the speculation about Jason. Talking about Paula. And now we