...Hello to you, too!

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(Thanks for bringing this gem to our attention, Jasonized!)

And new (yay!) music continues to be created...

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loving you is Automatic

A video posted by Jackie Castro (@jackie_castro) on

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Music is being made in Nashville...

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NOTE: If you are not familiar with the name Charlie Peacock, look him up. Yes, you should be impressed!

(Thanks for the heads-ups, ArtTeacher!)

Let us turn our thoughts today to Martin Luther King, Jr....

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"Shed a Little Light" by James Taylor, sung by the Maccabeats and Naturally 7:

Video by MaccabeatsVideos and Naturally 7 Official

I Have a Dream speech by Martin Luther King, Jr.:

Video posted by LogistiKHD

Is everyone watching the final season of American Idol?

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Jason is:

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10, 9, 8...

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Yes, hours too late for some of you, hours too early for others; just cue it up when you're ready. It's a dilemma, these time-zone related things!

The wishes are good any time, though. Happy New Year!

"Auld Lang Syne," sung by Dougie MacLean, Lulu, Kylie Minogue, and others at the closing ceremonies of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow:

Video posted by Frazer McLean

Or at least it will be, tomorrow!

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"It's Just Another New Year's Eve" by Barry Manilow and Marty Panzer, sung by Barry Manilow:

Video posted by Erie Alcantara

Why do I always feel the need to make excuses for bringing up a Barry Manilow song? In my youth, although I was a fan, I was known to say that Manilow had one fast song and one slow song, each with many titles--but it's not true. It's more, I think, that he sings in a deceptively stylized way; it sounds relaxed and not stylized at all, but it's still a strong enough style that the songs he sings sound more alike than different. (Not that he doesn't have a definite music writing style--he does--but there's also the fact that the songs that he DIDN'T write sound as much like Barry Manilow as the ones he did.)

Don't believe me? Try listening--really listening--to the same song sung by Lea Salonga:

Video by #LeaSalong

Beautiful, right? Very much like something you'd expect to find in a Broadway show or in an album of pop standards.

Hey, hey--the holidays are not yet over!

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"What Are You Doing New Year's Eve" by Frank Loesser, sung by the incomparable Ella Fitzgerald:

Video by TheBillie HolidayExperience

According to the Songfacts blog, this is the second most popular song for the end of the year, and it is "the kind of ballad that is usually sung in a melancholy tone because the singer instinctively knows the answer (you're probably busy)."

So let's undercut the melancholy with this sweet version sung by Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt:

Video by HelloGiggles/Zooey Deschanel

Maybe it's that they're clearly having so much fun, or maybe it's that it's a duet, but one way or another, that doesn't sound sad or wistful to me at all.


So, um, you know ... what ARE you doing? (We'll be right here.)

We are glad the Castro family is safe...

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and we are keeping their friends and neighbors in our thoughts and prayers:

If you would like to offer further help, you can do so here, where the Lake Pointe Church has set up a page on their site for those who need help and those who wish to offer it.

This fourth day of Christmas...wait, no, third...um...

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"The 12 Days of Christmas" by Straight No Chaser:

Video by Randy of Straight No Chaser

Of course "The Twelve Days of Christmas" was not written by a Jewish songwriter, so far as we know--it's one of those songs whose creator is generally rendered as "Trad." (Possibly originally a French Trad.) But I hesitate to call it the "main" melody here, since there are so many other Trad.--and non-Trad.--bits in it. So ... erm ... It has the dreidel song in it, that's a Chanukah song, and Chanukah songs all qualify. Yeah, that could be it!

Ah, well, let's be honest: It's just here because it makes me laugh. Happy whichever day it is!
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