DVR alert…

If you get Good Morning Texas (WFAA/8), set your recording devices:

Tuesday, August 23: GMT is live from The Classic in Roanoke, […] Jason Castro was a finalist on “American Idol,” and now he has a new trio with his siblings. They jam out on GMT’s stage. […] Tuesday at 9a.m.

Check out the WFAA website–and if they post a video, we’ll link to it here!

Do you have plans for the weekend of Sunday, Oct. 9?

If not, and you are in the Memphis area, you might want to check out the Moon River Festival:

Moar vlogs!

One from Michael:

Video by Michael Castro

In which there is motorcycle RV maintenance, and there is food, and then there is more RV life (this time with added children!).

And one from Jackie:

Video by Jackie Castro

In which there is a little bit of a trip to New Hampshire, there is the arrival of merch, and there is the RV-tripping-sendoff. (Yes, yes, you have seen it before. There are three vloggers here, it happens!) Then there is RV cooking (it is hard to balance in a moving RV) and other meals; also there is other RV life. And then there is backstage at a show in Ann Arbor (we do not get to see any of the show) (but we get to see a little of Delta Rae’s show!).

Do you know what FMQB is?

Neither did I, but that’s just our ignorance. FMQB stands for Friday Morning Quarterback, and it’s a music trade magazine and website (you should definitely check them out), and last week they hosted a Triple A Conference in Boulder, CO.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, if you are reading here, presumably you have some passing interest in music.

And also because this:


Thanks for the heads up, ArtTeacher!

New acoustic “Rock ‘n’ Roll” video!


Oops! That’s just an image. The video is (for now) exclusive to Crave, so you’ll have to click over there to hear and see it–but that’s fine, because there’s a nice little piece to go with:

[T]he intimate black and white video shows Castro’s gorgeous three-part harmonies as they seamlessly trade-off the powerhouse lead vocals as if they’re passing the salt at a family dinner.

For the rest of the article and the video, click on through!


And now the video is no longer exclusive, so you can listen here, too:

Video by Castro

You’ve pre-ordered the Diamond Dreams EP, right?

Of course you did!*

Well, then, you have a new download waiting for you: “Rock and Roll”. Go download it right away! (Also, in case it is worrying you, it is perfectly legal to buy the single in addition to the EP. Or gifting someone with it. I checked.)

A new video of “Rock and Roll” is coming soon. But until then, you can watch the original:

Video by Castro

AND you can listen on Spotify. … You SHOULD listen on Spotify!

*If by some odd combination of circumstances you haven’t gotten your order in yet, do it now and get all three singles at once!

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